Stratton Ski Resort Vermont

Vermont is one of the loveliest place on earth. Neigboring the states of Maine and New Hampshire, it is a vast land of working farms made up of quaint little neat towns which makes driving along its country roads a pleasant and calming  experience. This was my fourth time going to Vermont for a short getaway and I feel so happy everytime I start seeing the road sign that says “Welcome to Vermont”! All the hustle and bustle seems to fade away, slowly easing into beautiful greenery, friendlier drivers and lesser vehicles, beautiful small country houses popping up everywhere and the ever tempting cheese shops waiting for visitors to go in and splurge on Vermont cheese.

This time we headed to Stratton, a ski resort area where winter sports enthusiasts gather and go wild in the snow covered slope of the Stratton mountain areas and the place where rich people spend their winter weekends in their big cabin houses. We were invited for a weekend with our cousin and thanks to her, my kids finally got to go learn skiing. Not that they don’t have the opportunity before this trip, but I was just too lazy to take them and being very uncomfortable with the cold, I simply delayed the idea till now. With a disappointing house viewing week, I needed a break from it all too while allowing my agent to conduct an open house of my own property over the weekend. So off we went not knowing what to expect.


Stratton as seen from the penthouse that we were occupying.

It was nearing 5pm and the slopes were closing. It didn’t snow but the slopes were beautifully covered white and it was great seeing people skiing down the slopes, fast and fury! From far, they looked like little twigs falling from the sky onto the snow and the kids simply looked adorable in their ski attires. My Kids had a great time learning to ski.

More from the Mountain slopes :

My cousin and her friends rented this Penthouse, strategically located across the Welcome centre and within walking distance to the shops and ski school. Needless to say, everything inside was luxurious with a private elevator to the upper floor that leads to the kitchen, dining, living and theater rooms. The lower floor housed 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms in each. Overall, the design and decor of the interior reflects the style of contemporary country with amazing high ceiling equipped with a large mantel and fireplace, custom built in bookcases and surrounding windows in the living room. The kitchen was contemporary through and through and I got to experience cooking in it :).  There were so many cabinets and drawers that I felt lost searching for pots or utensils! Perhaps these type of kitchen were really designed for show and casual entertaining and frankly, I will feel overwhelmed if I had to cook and clean it everyday! Here are some inspiring photos that I taken from this Penthouse:

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One Response to Stratton Ski Resort Vermont

  1. Tania Tan says:

    soooo lovely the penthhouse. i haven’t had the chance to try skiing yet….so i’m jealous 🙂

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