House Hunting Day 3

I am tired! Looking at houses is a very tiring task and I pity my son who has to tag along. So far, he only complains on the way to the show houses but his whinning turns to curiosity everytime we reach a house. Little boys are fascinated with Padlocks and little storage cupboards, my son is the same. So far he has managed to pinpoint some things that I might have missed out but too bad, he hasn’t said which of the 10 houses we saw so far is his favorite.

I had no idea of the style of this house, it listed as Colonial but certainly not what I was looking for on the inside! It looks pretty neat from the outside, probably the exterior is made up of vinyl siding that looks cleaner than the usual wood type and with a very nice red door. Agent K is just too patient with me, and at the time I entered this house, I seriously doubted that I will ever find the house! And I was pretty sure she knew it. The inside needed repairs and updating from the floor to the windows and being near to a flowing stream did raised the issue of dampness, especially near to the basement. Within 8 mins I was out of the property, the only thing that I saw here was that this property is actually situated in a cul-de-sac. Like they say, ‘you never know until you see the inside.’

This one was called split entry style, through a foyer area up to the main living spaces. The kitchen was stunning, updated with lovely light wood cabinets, pantry and a very generous working side island that also worked as a bar nook. Of all the kitchens, this one was my ideal one, modern and spacious. Light fixtures were all updated to modern pendants and I absolutely visualize myself working in this kitchen happily. A walkout to a very large deck was also very tempting which overlooks a mini stream running into a small pond. The bedrooms were also spacious and so far, the largest bathroom I have seen with laundry amenities behind the closets. I appreciate this type of feature that actually save space, afterall, who really enjoys doing laundry? Still standing on the main floor, I was seeing everything positive and had a good vibe for this place. “Show me something negative NOW before I jump on in!” said I to Agent K! Yes, I need to keep my impulsive urge in check, especially with a very nice kitchen like that! True enough, down we went to the basement for the extra bedroom, extra room and garage… a bit dark down there and cold. What did I see? An uneven flooring that slanted slightly, a very uninviting garage and a water tank system that treats private water. All my life I took it for granted that water came from the tap and somewhere but now that there are 2 options, being public water coming from the Town source And private water, pumped and drained from a well of water source underground of the house, I appreciate water even more! To live with a private water source sounds so much work which includes yearly testing, running extra tanks and weariness of the quality of water every time I turn on the tap. For that reason, I forgo this house and yes, I saw the most beautiful kitchen in this one but couldn’t have it!

The next house was a disappointment too! Don’t get me wrong, Agent K didn’t suggest this one to me but I wanted to see it and she nicely took me here and warned me beforehand! The driveway was awkward, having to make a sharp U-turn and unassumingly, a huge tree right in the way. This house was very old but from the listing pictures it looked spacious with hard wood floors and a big kitchen at the corner with potential of banquette table and bench eating. As it was unoccupied for some time, the interior felt cold and needless to say, everything else looked derelict. Sad though as the interior was a very good layout design. This house would have been a great project for Ty Pennington or Holmes on Homes as it was unique and has its old flair to it. And so we called it a day and moved on. Disappointing day I would say :(.

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