Project: Framing my Bakings

I must have taken over 2000 photos over the course of 3 years when I started my own food and cooking blogs. At first it was photography of talented food bloggers that captured my attention and tempted me to try out my own Canon camera at any beautiful birthday cakes that I ordered for Hubby and kids, the pastries at Panera and spreads of desserts at Buffet tables. Somehow, there is always an urgency and rush when taking pictures outside the house and I could never get the right lighting nor angle of the best shot of the food in front of me! And I hate the idea of lugging a camera bag to restaurants and eateries taking photos on whatever I order and cannot help thinking the next table people annoyed by the clickings! And that was how I developed the idea and passion of making my own cakes, cookies and breads and spent my sweet time in my own kitchen under the best natural light to photograph them. Somehow, this urge to produce beautiful photography drove me to make very complicated layered cakes, macarons and all sorts of colorful and fanciful bakes!

Before this project, I never put my photographs in print. As with any Digital camera owner, I relish the convenience of it to snap and store any amount of photos and scrolling through them on my computer. Now that my attention has turned to house hunting and interior designs, I thought I might do something with these photographs and incorporate them into our eventual new house’s kitchen. As I write here, I have seen a house that I like and think that a wall frame of these photographs will bring in life to it. I might or might not end up with this particular house, but doing this project rejuvenated my interest in baking and photography again. And as I was doing it, I was amazed by own capabilities then to come out with so many different colors, designs and types of baked goods and to capture them all in time. Looking back, my baking passion then was immense and hopefully I can re-start this hobby of baking and photography soon.


I found this lovely stressed look and neutral colored frame from Marshalls for a discounted price of $20. I particularly like the idea of being able to insert 1 dozen of photos in there as I had too many to choose from my accumulated files. My next challenge was to choose a dozen of my best shots and it wasn’t easy as the colors must all co-ordinate when put together and showcase each cake or cookie character. I ended up with 16 prints so I can rotate and change the arrangements when I am tired of seeing the same thing for a while.

First, I tried out the arrangment of all the photos to get the right color combination. I put out all the photos randomly and picked 12. 

Final check before I inserted my choices into each of the 12 individual frames. Still, I changed my photo.. can you guess which one? :). At the meantime, this lovely frame will just have to sit around in the attic room till it moves in to the next house’s kitchen. Not sure when will that be but at least I have got one wall art ready!

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