Enamelware Find

I was looking for an old Enamel Tiffin container when I was back in Malaysia last summer but couldn’t find any. Despite sending out my uncles and aunts to look out for me, they couldn’t believe how hard it was to find something considered as old fashioned and plentiful during their younger days. But I managed to locate and bought this small enamel cup, complete with its cover. To me, something that simple looks beautiful..plain white with a dark blue rim to accent the whole thing. And most of all, I found a pair and they are vintage, hidden in the cupboards of an old sundry shop.

In a developing country like Malaysia, no one goes for these vintage enamelware these days. Not even my own grandma nor mom! And the fact they are not produced anymore, having been swamped and overtaken by stainless steel and modern crockery, these type of enamel products are simply obsolete! Oh ya, most of these vintage things are now on Ebay and while I won’t fork out any $20 or more for a used bowl, I still keep a look out for it.

And to my delight, I found this small tray at my local thrift store last Sunday! I was ecstatic as the color and made was exactly the same as my cups! Finding something like that at $2.99 was such a great feeling. Whoever donated it to the Thrift store can be assured it will be treasured and loved by me! :). Don’t they look so good together? How will I use them in my future kitchen? No idea yet but definitely a showing piece somewhere! I am starting to love the Thrift stores now :).

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