My Home Style (2)

Continuing with my House photography project topic here.

When I was preparing for this master bedroom photo shoot, I realized that one can blindly go on with piles of clothes here and there, wrong furniture placements that unnecessarily takes up prime space when they could have been arranged more orderly and simply drain out the potential of beautiful deco for a room. And all these messiness went on for years till I was immunned and accepted it! Frankly speaking, if there were no plans of selling this house, I would have still live on with the mess. So, in a good way, the selling of the house kind of put my sight into perspective, encouraging massive de-cluttering and obsessive cleaning up with the new born passion of house decorating. Cooking magazines from the library has been swapped with House decorating periodicals since January and I have been gawking at beautiful Homes websites too! Sometimes, you just need to be ‘Shamed’ out of your tardiness to make everything good! And by that, I have learned. 🙂

Some more Pictures of my Home

Master Bedroom: Although I am not a big fan of face cosmetics, I am into fixture ‘cosmetics’ for my home. The only fixtures that I added on this part are the curtain rods and curtain. When we moved in, this room was lilac with pink shades. No trashing of the previous owner, everyone has their own favorite color and I am ok with that :). We picked 2 shades of blue, the wall enveloping the head of the bed is a darker hue while the lighter one was painted all over the rest of the room. This house is very generous with natural light and every morning I wake up to this brightness, together with extra from the overhead skylights. I chose one single painting instead of the normal 2 for the wall to create a focus point. Not a big fan of the table lamps though but they were from previous purchases when I first came to America, so I just kept them till today. For my next move, I am thinking of re-purposing them and currently learning on how to change the fabric on the plain lamp shades.

The good thing about using Credit cards for every $1 to $1000 purchases is it can add up and score nice things like this massage chair! Seriously, this massage chair has alot of keys for different parts of your backside but I might have only used it for 10 times the most over the last 5 years since we got it. And initially it was in the living room and only moved up here for the house selling! See what I meant by simply blinded by clutter? Now it sits at this comfy corner of the bedroom and looks so much in place with a beautiful view from the facing window. Initially, I placed a long book shelf with 8 cubicles horizontally facing you now and lots of other clutters on it. The wall leading to the cathedral ceiling was not utilized and part of my house search this time is to avoid cathedral ceilings if I can, as I feel that I am wasting my money on wasted vertical space. The only thing I can think of for this blank wall are lots of pictures or a custom built bookshelf with a rolling ladder included.

The long book shelf was moved into this awkward space, which originally meant for a tv console or something since the cable connection is at this side. I am against having a TV in the bedroom and who needs them these days… cuddle up with a Tablet in bed is a better idea! We dumped our clothes in that space last time with a long standing mirror but now, I really think I was dumb then! See how nice the shelf fits in there. And yes… those are my library of cookbooks and magazines, soon to be replaced with Home designing ones I guess :). On the hidden right corner sits a vanity sink complete with mirror which I seldom use and another waste of space with the bathroom directly next to it! Moldings really accent a door and for this part of the closet, there is none. But see the next one and I am really going for moldings as my next fixture obsession.

See the difference? Moldings are like beautiful frames for a door or window, it accents the main focus point. Well, of course the focus point must be nice too and I cannot say so of these track closet doors. But luckily the color is light and doesn’t clashes with the other colors of the room.

The Finale… phew, that was alot to say about one Bedroom. Mind you, my Agent did mentioned my house is pretty dramatic compared to the others on the listing :). This is the view from the loft, the ceiling completed with 2 skylights. The space on top of the closets is another example of waste. Not mentioning so difficult to clean or dust without a very long ladder. And the fan also served not much purpose except for very hot summer days, which is not very common in this area.

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One Response to My Home Style (2)

  1. Tania Tan says:

    cathedral ceiling spaces are costly to heat too….but i so love it ‘cos it really gives a sense of a bigger space.

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