My Home Style (1)

So, how did I come up with this idea about blogging about my Home? Well, obviously there are thousands of Blogs out there already standing high and mighty on and above the floating cloud of this modern internet technology yakking away about beautiful homes, gardens and salvaged finds at consignment stores and flea markets. I am very inspired by all these websites and Bloggers and true enough, this is the right time for me to blog when I am in the midst of selling and buying houses. I have a bit of a regret that I didn’t take the effort to do this for my current house but at that time, I was totally clueless on how Blogs work and had no idea that keeping a House Diary has gone so savvy and exciting for some and this time, I am ready.

To start with, I prepared and took the pictures of my House for the sellers’ listings, due next week. It was quite hectic having to re-arrange all the things around the house and to get it ready for a photo shoot session. Being a Buyer’s market these days only meant a Seller has to work extra hard to market her house. I am indeed doing it now and hopefully all the extra scrubbing, dusting and propping ready the house for the past month will come to a good sale.

Some Photos of my House

Living Room : My Favorite color is Red. The sofa set was our first new buy when we moved into this House in October 2005. Although lacking a walk out deck on this 1st floor plan, the Big window with beautiful view of the community grounds and backyard was a “sold” calling to me :). The 4 Orchid pictures was my first attempt at recycling and re-purposing something old. I am a big fan of flowers but not very lucky on the greenthumb skills and I saved up an old calendar with these lovely orchids and got some cheap frames and mats at my local craft store. When I put them together, I was so proud of myself!Needless to say, I think they are stunning and gave life to the wall! And for more than 6 years, they are still on the wall, blooming pretty :).

The Rest of the Living Room : Light Birch Shelves, Glass Cabinet and TV Console completed the comfy mode of the whole room. One thing about the houses in America, they lack ceiling light fixtures and the only way to remedy it without having to re-wire and getting an electrician in was either a table lamp or accent lights like these above the shelves. By chance and luck, the accent light fixtures matched the color of our new TV. And without going on too much with the birch, we opted for a white coffee table to tie in with the moulding on the windows but with extra wear, tear and use, the table finally gave way and was replaced with this dark walnut oak.

Dining Room : The table and chairs are all IKEA ensembles. Love the table which can be extended to sit up to 8 and possibly more if benches are used instead of chairs. As the light fixture wiring was positioned where it is, the placement of the table had to go along with the light alignment. Taking advices from the experts, the huge mirror provided a visual effect for the room to look bigger than it is. I love Asian paintings and this one was specially painted and given to us by a relative. The peek through opening looks into the kitchen, which to me serves as a very useful look out to my kids who hovers around the living room all the time. 


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One Response to My Home Style (1)

  1. Tania Tan says:

    lovely place….i’m sure you folks must be quite sad to leave….

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