Knock knock!

I believe the ultimate dream of everyone is to own a place of their own, to design the outlay, maneuvre around the floor plans and eventually put oneself into the whole picture to call it a Home. I am definitely one and I started this Blog today to record, chronicle and simply say anything about my excitement, anxieties, frustrations and stress of searching for my next home and thereafter blogging on the progress of making the place my Home.

My current House is and will be ‘was’ my first abode of love. More than 6 years ago, we moved from a rented apartment to my house, a townhouse of 4 floors connected by 3 flights of stairs and situated on a lovely spot uphill and with an open walkout basement to the largest shared neighborhood space that I can only say “Great”! Another baby born and with gas guzzling up for the ‘to and fro’ trips to IKEA, HomeDepot and Lowes, we finally settled in comfortably with little complaints about the previous owner’s Lilac taste in everything, of which we managed to amend to our more universal taste in colors and fixtures designs. Indeed making a place a Home takes alot of effort and time but eventually, everything is worth it.

As I write, I am in the state of sadness having to list my house on the market and at the same time, starting to stress and fret about finding the next home for my family. I see this as a very important task, infact the biggest task so far in my life…. I cannot comprehend all the situations that will come out during this time period but I know one thing, I am finally ready for the next stage of my life…… to get a Bigger House!

Till then…. all Aboard and may the selling and buying sails with the Easy Breeze šŸ™‚

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One Response to Knock knock!

  1. Agnes says:

    oh, so means that you are moving a new house? @@~

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